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Welcome to the launch of the Dads Like Us Podcast hosted by two dads. There’s the gregarious Drew (left in the pic), he has been running his own music business for over two decades (it isn’t as glamorous as it sounds) whilst filling the role of part-time home school educator and full-time dad to a 7-year-old boy and 2-year-old daughter.

His podcast partner in crime is myself, Jordan (not the one on the left), a loquacious character, which is a fancy way to say I’m talkative, dad to slightly older boys of 11 and 9 years, and I’m the one you’ll hear laughing, mostly at my own jokes. You can read more about us and see our real photos on the About the show page.

The goals and ambitions have not dissipated, if anything, it has strengthened our resolve. This is our inspiration for the podcast and the blog.

We don’t profess to be experts, we’ve just made a lot of mistakes. I guess this is us sharing the mistakes we don’t want others to make and we are very honest and open about these mistakes.

Join Us

Join us on the podcast, it’s two dads, having a conversation about how to achieve personal goals.

We are trying to build a community, no, there won’t be any strumming of a banjo or singsongs. It will be hearing the struggles of others, knowing we’re not alone and we are all going through similar struggles.

Instead of inspirational quotes, we’ll tell our stories, like how Jordan had a business go bankrupt (an experience well avoided) and how Drew who knew music was all he ever wanted to do as a teenager riding the ups and downs of turning it into a business.

Come and join us, as much as we love to have an audience we want to
hear your stories too, let’s have a conversation.

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